Pad Printing Peripherals


Exposure unit and
drying cabinet

for your own plate production

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Flame treatment units

Flame treatment unit

for the pretreatment of certain plastics (PE,PP) as well as for posttreatment

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Shuttle tables

servo-controlled linear feeds for multicolour printing with high speed and repeat accuracy

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Infrarot-Trocknungsgeraet IRD 101

Infrared drying unit

for faster drying of the printed ink

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Coordinate tablesCoordinate table

facilitates the precise adjustment of the print image on the material to be printed

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pivotable jig

Pivotable jig

enables the printing of differently inclined surfaces of your printed material

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Pad height compensator swivelling

is innovative and highly precise. Benefit from increased pressure accuracy, compact design and various mounting options for different stroke lengths.

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Transfert Carré Shuttle

Transfer Carré Shuttle

This allows multicolour printing with 4, 5 or even 6 colours to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

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Ink mixing pump

Fully automatic ink pump for one-component inks with integrated viscosity measuring device

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Programme-controlled thinner injection

regulates the ink viscosity by regular injection of thinner into the ink

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Peripheriegerät für die Reinigung WG 701

Cleaning equipment 701

enables simplified cleaning of ink pots, machine parts, etc. after printing

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Waschgerät WG 902

Cleaning equipment 902

enables simplified cleaning of ink pots, machine parts, etc. after printing

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