Reprographic Service

reprographic services

reprographic services

reprographic services

From your artwork we can create a high quality film positive for the production of printing plates

It is essential when producing any type of cliché plate whether nylo or steel,  to use a film positive with the best possible resolution and opacity.

Teca Print’s reprography department has the expertise and the experience to understand exactly what is required to create your film. Many companies now use low cost inkjet printers for printing film. There is no such compromise at Teca Print. All our film is output from a high resolution image setter, allowing us to reproduce the very finest detail, accurate scaling if required and of course 4 colour process work.

Our team from the reprography department can output your pre-prepared graphic file direct to film. Or they can take your idea and create for you the desired artwork. They have many years of experience and the very latest graphics software available.

Over the last 40 years Teca Print have established themselves as a world leader in the development of pad printing technology. We have worked with leading manufacturers from the medical, automotive and watch industry to name but a few. Many of these projects were only possible because of the skill of our own graphics department and their ability to develop these artworks for pad printing in large scale production.

Do you have an idea we can turn into a printing reality ?