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TPE 250 : Le juste milieu

La taille moyenne réunit les avantages de la petite et de la grande taille


TPE 250 - des options d'Ă©quipement polyvalentes

Avec le TPE 250, vous avez le choix entre de nombreuses options disponibles


TPE 250

Versatile pad printing machine

Your advantage:

  • 1 to 4 colours
  • lower clichĂ© costs using the open inking system
  • electropneumatical
  • universally usable
  • wide range of accessories
  • as TPE 251 available with sealed inking mechanism

The TPE 250 is a versatile open inkwell pad printing machine:
The TPE 250 is still a very compact pad printing machine, but with a plate size of 250 x 100 mm it already offers many application possibilities. Using either a pad shuttle or linear product shuttle it is possible to print from one to four colours. In addition to an easy-to-understand, compact PLC control system, the outstanding price/performance ratio ensures a positive printing experience for many users.

The TPE 250 is commonly used as a single workstation. Many accessories are available as a standard for comfortable working, such as the automatic pad cleaning device or a machine base with coordinate table.

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 250
Tampondruckmaschine TPE 250 Farbgeber offenes System

The TPE 250 pad printing machine uses the open inking system. A spatula floods the cliché with ink. By doctoring with a blade, the ink only remains in the depressions of the cliché.

Teca-Print Mitarbeiter in der Produktion

At Teca-Print, we work with motivation and as a team. For you and for us.

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 250 fĂŒr 2 Farben

With its medium-sized design, the TPE 250 already offers many possibilities, even for slightly larger print images.

Technical data TPE 250

Number of colours:
max. 4 colours

Plate size:
250 x 100 mm

up to 1’400 cycles per hour

Repeat accuracy:
< ±  0,02 mm

Drive system:

Printing force:
1’150 N (printing force must be balanced)

Mains connection:
230 V / 50 Hz, 5 – 6 bar air pressure

Air consumption:
0.9 litres / cycle at 6 bar


approx. 82 kg without machine base
approx. 148 kg with MS 250 machine base

Dimensions (WxHxD):
350 x 602 x 830 mm

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 250 Masszeichnung

With the TPE 250, you get a versatile machine in an ideal, medium printer size.

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