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Accessories for pad printing - peripherals

Valuable accessories and useful additions for your pad printing machine

Our peripherals and our machines are often so closely intertwined that both are seen as a single unit. Perfectly integrated, our various accessories and add-ons provide active support for your daily work.

Benefit from fast installation and set-up times, greater convenience for the user and many other functional extras.


Thinner injection

Co-ordinate tables

Pad cleaning

Further accessories

Filter trolley


Thinner injection TI 300 and TI e5

Automatic re-thinning of your pad printing ink

The TI automatic thinner injection system helps to regulate the ink viscosity during the printing process by regularly injecting thinner into the ink. The steady ink viscosity contributes to a consistent printing result, while at the same time work interruptions for manual thinning can be avoided.
The injection intervals are set based on experience. While the TI 300 is usually used for standard machines and settings are made directly on the panel of the device itself, the TI e5 is operated via the machine/system control. The set values can be saved and loaded here with the respective print programmes.

Co-ordinate tables

For the perfect position of your workpiece holder

Our coordinate tables are used to precisely adjust the print image position on the object to be printed. Depending on the size and weight of your product and the desired adjustment options, there are various co-ordinate tables to choose from. All tables allow infinitely variable settings in the x- and y-axis, some models also in the w-axis (rotation axis).
A coordinate table with a digital display is available for particularly precise applications, such as the printing of dials.

Pad cleaning

For removing residual ink from the printing pad

Today, automatic pad cleaning is almost standard equipment on every pad printing machine, as it offers a high level of convenience for the user, enables significant time savings and is relatively inexpensive. It is available in different versions depending on the machine. It is often attached to the side of the machine. The machine control system is used to enter the number of printing cycles after which the residual ink is to be released onto the cleaning tape. Cleaning devices with a quick-change system are available. We would be happy to advise you.

Further accessories

Receiver tables, shifting devices and many more

Our range of accessories in the peripheral area includes a variety of items such as reciever tables. Depending on their size, these are fixed to the machine base, for example, and can be attached at different working heights. The co-ordinate table with the workpiece holder can be attached directly to the receiver table.
Height-adjustable tables are available for smaller machines, which can be attached to a table provided by the customer.
Other accessories in the peripheral area include our shifting devices, which ensure optimum adjustment options between the machine and base.

Filter trolley

Our powerful, mobile extraction unit for optimum conditions at the workplace

Our FT1 filter trolley is a high-performance, mobile device for extracting gases, vapours and odours. The compact device can be used universally on all pad printing machines and ensures the best possible working conditions. The position of the extraction nozzle can be flexibly adjusted thanks to a flexible arm and positioned directly at the source of the gases and vapours. The position can be easily changed at any time. In this way, the vapours and odours generated when using solvent-based inks are efficiently extracted and filtered. The filtered air can be recirculated into the work area due to the high degree of purification (recirculation mode).

Our co-ordinate tables provide you with the ideal basis for precise positioning of your workpiece fixtures.

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    There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to our peripheral accessories. We are happy to fulfil our customers’ wishes here too and to develop customer and application-specific accessories. In the field of pad cleaning in particular, we often offer customised solutions, especially for integration into systems. The available space is often limited or interchangeable cassettes must be available for quick replacement so that the system does not have to come to a standstill when the cleaning tape needs to be changed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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