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Protection de l'environnement

Nous nous engageons pour la protection de l'environnement !

We are committed to environmental protection!

Protecting and preserving our environment is important to us. Environmental protection measures are specifically planned, structured and documented in an environmental program. Some of these measures are the development of energy-saving machines and accessories. The Teca-Print site is connected to the district heating pipeline of an agricultural bio-gas heating system. We have also recently added a special insulation layer to the windows of the production hall.

Protecting and preserving our environment is important to us!

The environmental targets defined by the management and the processes introduced are monitored, evaluated and continuously improved. This allows potential savings to be identified and exploited, for example in energy consumption. With the ISO 14001 certification, our business partners recognize that we ensure compliance with environmental regulations and the sustainable use of resources.

  • We comply with the legal requirements.
  • We take appropriate measures to prevent potential environmental pollution at our sites.
  • We continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • We return waste to the recycling process in a planned and monitored manner.
  • Constructive cooperation with authorities and neighbors enables us to continuously improve the quality of life inside and outside the company.

Our many years of practical experience combined with our ISO-certified environmental management system make us a competent partner for our business contacts. Our experts will be happy to support you at any time.

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