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Un pot de peinture ovale est Ă©galement possible sur la TPE 151


En mouvement avec le TPE 151

Le socle de la machine MS 250 est Ă©galement disponible avec des roulettes !


Insertion et retrait pendant que la machine imprime

Une table pendulaire assure le confort du poste de travail manuel


TPE 151

Our compact all-rounder with one or two colour equipment

Your advantage:

  • our « smallest » machine with sealed inkwell system
  • up to 2 colours possible when using round ink cups
  • can be equipped with an oval ink cup as well
  • electropneumatical
  • compact design
  • as TPE 150 available with open inkwell system

Due to the wide range of possible applications and the convincing price-preformance ratio the TPE 151 pad printing machine earns top marks. This user-friendly model has a compact and easy to understand PLC control unit. The integrated quick-change system for inks and plates saves time and enables the application of differing plate sizes.

There are two possibilities to fasten the ink cup, either the practical ink cup holder with bayonet lock or optionally the electrical rotating cup cylinder. Specially as a manual work station the TPE 151 proves to be a compact and practical allrounder and it is available with many extras e.g. the automatic pad cleaning device.

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 151
Tampondruckmaschine TPE 151, ausgerĂŒstet fĂŒr 2-Farbendruck, geschlossenes Farbgebersystem

The TPE 151 can print in two colours using two small ink cups and a pad sliding device.

Montage Tampondruckmaschine TPE 151

Assembly of the TPE 151 – our employees work reliably and with commitment

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 151

In addition to round ink cups, an oval cup can also be used on the TPE 151.

Technical data TPE 151

Number of colour:
1 or 2 colours

Ink cup sizes:
Ø in mm: 56 / 65 / 72/ 86 / 96,
oval in mm: 140 x 070 / 120 x 096

Plate sizes:
plate widths 100 / 130 / 150 or 160 mm, plate depth 220 mm

up to 1’800 cycles per hour

Drive system:

Printing force:
680 N (printing force must be balanced)

Mains connection:
230 V / 50 Hz, 5 – 6 bar air pressure

Air consumption:
0.5 litres / cycle at 6 bar


approx. 30 kg without base
approx. 96 kg with MS 250 machine base

Dimenstions (WxHxD):
182 x 500 x 731 mm

Masszeichnung TPE 151 Tampondruckmaschine

Our « little one » is also assembled with great care.

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