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Puissant : machine de tampographie

TPM 101 - Parfait pour l'intégration dans les installations


TPM 101 - pour une plus grande fiabilité des processus

rapide et précis dans votre automatisation


TPM 101

High-performance pad printing machine
for integration into systems

Your advantage:

  • servo drive control
  • output of 1’500 to 4’000 cycles per hour
  • ideal for integration into automations
  • sealed inking system
  • 1 colour
  • increase of your process reliability thanks to options like plate cooling and temperature compensation

Compact and user-friendly, the electromechanical state of the art TPM 101 pad printing machine is well-equipped to meet the requirements of today’s market.
The highest demands for cycle speed and print accuracy are fulfilled: the single colour printing machine is exceptionally well-suited for integration into automated systems with a print capacity of 1’500 to 4’000 prints per hour.

With plate cooling and temperature compensation, new special technical functions are available as an option, which help to increase process stability and ensure a consistently high-precision print result.
A coloured touch screen display with its clear and simplified user menu structure provides for a user friendly handling.

Tampondruckmaschine TPM 101, geschlossenes Farbgebersystem, 1 Farbe, Tamponreinigung
Tampondruckmaschine TPM 101 - Farbgeber

The electric, rotating cup cylinder guides the ink cup safely over the cliché and increases the service life of the cliché and ink cup through its rotation.

Tampondruckmaschine TPM 101 chromfarben

The TPM 101 is also available in a cleanroom-compliant version – with a stainless steel housing.

Handmade by Teca-Print - Elektrisches KnowHow.

Technology at the highest level – our experts have the knowledge!

Technical data TPM 101

Number of colours:
1 colour

Ink cup sizes:
Ø 72 mm, Ø 96 mm, Ø 105* mm, Ø 115* mm
*overlapping ink cups

Plate sizes:
100 x 220 mm, 120 x 220 mm

1’500 to 4’000 cycles per hour

Drive system:
electromechanical – 3 axis control with 3 servo motors, infinitely adjustable parameters

Printing force:
750 N (printing force must be balanced)

Mains connections:
230 V / 50 Hz, (5 – 6 bar air pressure required for some pneumatic accessories)

PLC – HMI touchscreen, option of interface connection via data bus system possible

Vertical pad stroke:
electromechnical, 210 mm infinitely adjustable

Cliché plate adjustment:
± 2 mm (x-axis), ± 2° (rotation)

approx. 72 kg without base

Dimensions (WxHxD):
210 x 720 x 730 mm

TPM 101 Masszeichnung

The TPM 101 – increase your process reliability thanks to technical innovation

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