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Automatic cleaning equipment

For motivated employees thanks to less contact with solvents

WGA 401 / 601 / 801

Automatic cleaning units

Your advantage:

  • user-friendly
  • time saving for your employees
  • available in three different sizes

The automatic cleaning units are available in three different sizes under the designations WGA 401, WGA 601 and WGA 801.
The stainless steel units contain a cleaning basket that rotates horizontally during the washing process. The items soiled with ink are placed in this cleaning basket.
The cleaning fluid is sucked in via a filter and sprayed onto the parts to be cleaned through a three-dimensional nozzle pipe system.

Waschgeraet WGA 601 fuer die automatische Reinigung,
Waschgeraet WGA 601 fuer die automatische Reinigung

The basket diameter is 400, 600 or 800 mm, depending on the selected cleaning unit.

In our standard version, the cleaning units are equipped with a pumping device and a floor rinsing system with tap valve. This enables the system to be emptied easily and cleanly while the tank floor is rinsed automatically. No additional cleaning fluid is used and no manual effort is required.
The integrated edge extraction system without fan absorbs the solvent vapours generated inside the device and discharges them downwards so that they can be connected to an extraction system provided by the customer. Further options are available on request.

We recommend our RH cleaner as a cleaning medium, which is available in containers of 25 litres.

An automatic cleaning unit saves your employees time and effort.

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