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Increase your productivity thanks to digitilisation

Maximise your time: increase your productivity with us

Topics such as increasing productivity, process reliability and process stability have arrived in every forward-looking company today, and not only in large corporations, but increasingly in medium-sized and smaller companies.

We have the expertise to develop customised systems and complex printing systems. With our decades of experience in system construction, we have grown in the software sector as well and implement the latest solutions that enable many additional functions. You can rely on our complete solutions. We offer you not only function, but also long-term stability.

myTeca-Print app

With the software application myTeca-Print, Teca-Print pad printing machines and systems can be programmed and parameters and functions can be changed on your desktop PC or laptop. Everything that can be done externally does not require valuable time on your system. Production continues. We offer you different versions. Decide to what extent you want to become more productive and process-reliable!

Remote + maintenance

Benefit from the option of remote maintenance. This does not mean that we think of emergencies! Rather, remote maintenance also offers advantages in day-to-day production that have a positive effect on your productivity. Remote maintenance plus in particular provides you with efficient analysis options.

Process optimisation

We innovate for you! An optimised printing process ensures motivated employees and high productivity at the same time. You can also increase your process reliability with a sophisticated concept. Our team looks forward to every challenge and is fully motivated to improve existing processes and develop new ones.

R & D

We never stop. Research and development is therefore very important to us, because only with continuous development work can we continue to offer you high-tech products and application solutions in the future. Further information on research and development is just a click away!

At Teca-Print, we see ourselves not only as a supplier, but also as your consultant and partner. We analyse your existing processes and can often improve them with little effort.

We plan new processes together with you. We advise you and integrate the pad printing process into your production environment. In doing so, we pay attention to lean processes and user-friendliness.

Our systems and machines offer state-of-the-art technology and thanks to advanced software solutions, which now play a key role in process reliability, we offer you ideal conditions as a competent partner. You determine the scope of the solutions used.

You can rely on our team and our expertise.

Visit our extra page on how to increase productivity.

Increase your productivity

At our company, design, sales and assembly work closely together. Only together we can create a perfect process.

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    Productivity can be increased through many different measures. However, it is sometimes difficult to recognise the possibilities in your own company. We will be happy to consult you. Technical progress means that processes are subject to constant change.

    Adapt to new possibilities with us. A process flow that is optimised today will no longer be perfect tomorrow. Technology and progress live on. Accordingly, the process must also grow with it in order to always fulfil optimal conditions. Don’t stop there, join us on the road to a healthy future.

    Please contact us using the adjacent contact form, by e-mail or phone. We will be happy to send you further information or advise you personally.

    We are also happy to discuss workflows and options with our customers directly next to the machine. Close contact is important to us.

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