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myTeca-Print App

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myTeca-Print App

Flexibility, increase of productivity and process reliability

Teca-Print Mitarbeiter mit laechelndem Gesicht

With the software application myTeca-Print , Teca-Print pad printing machines and systems can be programmed and parameters and functions can be changed on your desktop PC or laptop.

The ability to produce, set up and programme for the next print job while your machine is running in production makes your Teca-Print machines and systems more productive. This is resulting in improved efficiency, increased reliability and reproducibility of your printing process.

Thanks to the myTeca-Print application, your machine or printing system is no longer out of production during the programming time.
While your Teca-Print machine is running in production, you can prepare the program for the next job from your office. Only the fine tuning is now left to carry out on the machine or system.
The machine downtime due to working on existing programs or even creating new programs is eliminated or greatly reduced.
If you are more interested in productivity reporting than making program changes, then the myTeca-Print app is available as a read only program. That allows data backup and performance analysis at your external workstation or laptop.

You benefit from our advantages:

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Increase your productivity

  • programming or set-up and production take place in parallel
  • unlimited storage options for recipes/programs
  • the parent/child function allows similar parts to be programmed, changed and set up more quickly
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Industry 4.0

  • connection of the machine or system to the myTeca-Print software application
  • checking, reading and evaluating parameters
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Process safety and reliability

  • identical basic settings even with different operators and locations
  • high repeatability
  • centralised storage of machine parameters with communication to the machine
  • creation and storage of job-related checklists: For example, ink type, additives, their mixing ratio, drying information, printing pads and other tips and information can be stored for a product to inform machine operators
  • know-how can be stored in a decentralised library that can be accessed by all operators

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