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Teca-Print cliché service

All types of clichés: fast delivery - high quality

Cliché plate service

Etched cliché plates to suit your production

Teca-Print Klischees geĂ€tzt, Klischeearten Stahl, DĂŒnnstahl, Keramik, Kunststoff

Teca-Print offers a professional graphics and cliché service for all types of polymer, steel, thin steel and ceramic clichés.
Depending on the type of cliché, print image and customer requirements, engraving is carried out by laser or in the traditional way by means of exposure and washing out or etching.

Our graphic designers are happy to take over the complete creation of the file with your desired print image or check and adapt your supplied files. We are also happy to create a film for you if you would like to expose the cliché yourself.


Cliché plates

Engraving and etching methods

Graphic services

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Engraving and etching methods

Direct laser engraving

With the Teca-Print clichĂ© service for laser engraved polymer clichĂ©s, clichĂ© production is fully automated. After preparation on the computer, your print image is sent directly to the software of the laser device. Thanks to this “computer to clichĂ©” solution, a film is no longer required. The polymer clichĂ©s are engraved with your print image in the exact position using direct laser engraving.

When producing multiple clichés, you not only benefit from consistent quality, but the positional accuracy means that you no longer have to realign the print position after a cliché change with an identical print image.
With our laser etched cliché plates, set-up times and downtimes are minimised.

Teca-Print Kunststoffklischee mit Lasergravur

Cliché plate exposure with LED-UV light

If you would like to produce your own cliché plates in-house, we can supply you with the blank polymer clichés cut to size to suit your machine and punched if required. We also offer the Teca-Print UV exposure cabinet and the complete range of accessories needed for the production of plates.

Polymer clichés consist of a thin metal base plate covered with a UV light-sensitive polymer layer. First, the protective film is removed. The film is then placed on the cliché in the exposure unit. The cliché is exposed to LED UV light under vacuum. After exposure, the soft areas, i.e. the areas where the film has blocked the UV light from the cliché, are washed out with the appropriate washout solution depending on the type of cliché. The cliché is dried with an air jet and then post-exposed and cured in the drying cabinet. The cliché is then ready for printing.

Cliché etching

Teca-Print also offers chemical etching of the cliché for both thin steel and 10 mm steel clichés. After exposure, which is carried out either with LED UV light or a laser, the cliché is etched in the developer bath.
This etching process enables the engraving of the finest print images. Our experienced employees have the latest technical equipment at their disposal. This combination of technology and our expertise is a fundamental requirement for the production of high-quality clichés.

You also benefit from fast delivery times, as etching takes place directly in our in-house cliché laboratory.

Graphic services

Graphics and film production

Would you like to produce your clichĂ© yourself, but are looking for a competent partner to produce the graphic file and/or the film? You’ve come to the right place.

We are happy to take over the graphic processing of the print file for you. We can modify existing files and optimise them for pad printing, or we can draw completely new files for you based on your sketch.
Our motivated graphics team has state-of-the-art software and workstations at its disposal. Our graphics staff are also familiar with all types of cliché production and can therefore optimise your file to get the best possible results in pad printing.

When you order your film, we will send you the production-ready film professionally packaged.
Our graphic service includes expert advice from our experienced team.

With our cliché service you are always on the winning side: fast, reliable, high quality!

Would you like more information about our clichés or do you need advice for your application? We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Our cliché service for you is just as extensive as our range of clichés. We offer you a complete service, provided quickly and reliably by our experienced team.

    We will be happy to send you further information or advise you personally. Simply use the contact form or contact us by e-mail or phone.

    We are also happy to take over the graphic processing for you.

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