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Professional colour matching service

Special colours can be mixed to suit your printing requirements

Ink mixing service

We mix the colour of your choice!

Teca-Print Farbe mischen

At Teca-Print, we offer you a reliable ink mixing service and mix colour tones according to the PMS, RAL, NCS and HKS colour systems. We can also match to an existing colour on the receipt of the sample part.

In our in-house ink laboratory, the special colour tones are professionally mixed for you in the shortest possible time. The inks are usually mixed on the same day as your order. The option of ordering small quantities is particularly popular with our customers. We can mix special ink colours for you from as little as 0.5 litres or 0.5 kg.



Information ink mixing service

Recipe service

Ink mixing station


Information - ink mixing service

Discover the variety of colourful options

In addition to the basic colours for the respective mixing system, other important “ingredients” are required to produce special ink colours. These include the appropriate tools, some skill and experience, the right recipe and, of course, a suitable workplace. You can rely on us for this important task, and we will be happy to take on this service for you.

When producing special ink colours, our technicians weigh the various base colours precisely according to the recipe and pour the respective quantities into a new tin. To create a homogeneous colour, the pigments must be thoroughly mixed and stirred. Undiluted pad printing ink can be very viscous, depending on the ink type and colour shade. However, even viscous ink must be mixed very well, so the mixing is done by machine.

Once the ink has been mixed, it is labelled and sent for dispatch.

To ensure that the ink really achieves the desired tone, important criteria must be taken into account when mixing, in addition to working cleanly. Is the ink used as one or two components? The addition of hardener influences the shade, so this must be taken into account when mixing the special tone.

The substrate is also important. As a rule, “standard recipes” are calculated for printing on a white substrate. If the substrate is a different colour, the recipe must be determined specifically for this substrate.

At Teca-Print, you not only receive the ready-mixed pad printing ink, but also expert advice on all aspects of ink mixing.

Recipe service

You mix it yourself? We supply the recipe!

Would you like to mix your desired ink tone yourself, but don’t have the appropriate recipe?

We can provide you with mixing recipes for all common colour systems on a white background. We are also happy to work out special recipes for you if you are printing on a non-white background, for example. We determine the perfect mixture so that your printed image is as close as possible to your desired colour.

In addition to the matching recipes, Teca-Print also provides you with the colours you need for mixing. Many basic colours for mixing special colours are also available in practical 200 ml tubes. This makes dispensing easier and avoids ink waste.

Depending on the ink series, we offer different mixing systems, such as the GF or PC mixing system. As a rule, the mixing system consists of at least 10 different base colours. These always include white, black and a clear coat. In most cases, at least three of the base tones are required to produce a specific colour. Today, translucent colours also supplement the range of base colours and are required for the production of some special shades.

Teca-Print Farbe mischen und anruehren, Viscospatula mit Farbbecher

Teca-Print ink mixing station

Our expert tip: A practical workstation for preparing your ink!

It is very important to be comfortable when mixing ink. With the Teca-Print ink mixing station, you can offer your employees the best conditions to be motivated for ink preparation. The ink mixing station offers sufficient space for convenient preparation, mixing or thinning of your pad printing ink.

All the tools you need are within easy reach. In addition to a work surface covered with stainless steel sheeting, there are various storage options for ink cans, ink tubes or additives. Other important tools such as mixing cups, mixing cup holders, lint-free cloths or the Viscospatula can also be placed here. A shelf for gloves and a towel holder are also integrated.

Below the work surface, four safety drawers and a compartment with hinged door provide additional storage space.

The ink mixing station is available with or without integrated lighting. The modern LED light ensures optimum illumination of the workstation.
Thanks to its castors, the ink mixing station is mobile and can easily be moved closer to the printing machine. This means you are always ideally equipped and your daily work is made easier.

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Teca-Print ink mixing service: We are committed to the colourful world of pad printing!

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    Are you familiar with our colour guide for pad printing, which is available exclusively from us? With our colour guide, you can easily match all standard colours. It also contains metallic gloss and metallic effect colours and, of course, the basic shades for the mixing system.

    Our colour guide is printed with original pad printing inks to ensure that the colours are reproduced as faithfully as possible. Please contact us, if you would like a Teca-Print colour guide.

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