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Manual cleaning

Inexpensive and fast


Easier cleaning with our accessories

Practical everyday helpers for daily cleaning


For our environment: Eco-Cleaning

So that our water can still bubble in dazzling colours tomorrow!


Automatic cleaning equipment

For motivated employees thanks to less contact with solvents


Cleaning without solvents

Clean air for the next generation as well!



The perfect cleaning solution tailored to your needs

Cleaning is also part of the daily printing process in pad printing. At Teca-Print, we offer you a wide range of options for cleaning the accessories that come into contact with the printing ink. Choose the right cleaning solution for you from the options on offer. We will be happy to advise you personally based on your requirements.

Do you want to clean in a particularly environmentally friendly way? Then we recommend our solvent free cleaning devices, which use environmentally neutral cleaning agents.

Alternatively, we offer automatic and manual cleaning machines that clean with solvents.
Our extensive range of cleaning fluids and practical accessories will also impress you.

Our offer:

professional cleaning equipment optimised for pad printing
manual cleaning stations, automatic cleaning units, environmentally friendly cleaning systems
wide range of tried-and-tested cleaning accessories


Solvent free cleaning systems

Automatic cleaning units

Manual cleaning station

Cleaning fluids & accessories


Cleaning equipment and accessories


Environmentally friendly

Solvent free cleaning

Environmentally friendly cleaning

Is environmental protection important to you? Opt for our eco-cleaning appliances.

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WGA 401 / 601 / 801

Automatic cleaning units


Automatic cleaning units

Less contact with solvents – time savings for your employees thanks to automatic cleaning

Further information

WG 701 / 902

Manual cleaning station

WG 701
WG 902

Manual cleaning station

The more economical,
fast cleaning option:
Our cleaning devices for manual cleaning

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Perfectly balanced

Cleaning fluids

Different fluids & the perfect accessories

We provide you with cleaning fluids and other practical items for cleaning.

Further information
Would you like more information about our cleaning units or do you need advice for your application? We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Pad printing requires printing inks that are based on solvents. Even LED UV inks have a low solvent content. Accordingly, the professional cleaning of accessories that have been in contact with ink is particularly important.

    We want our beautiful natural environment to be preserved in all its beauty for future generations. That’s why we recommend using our cleaning equipment, which is optimised for pad printing. They help to protect the environment by minimising the need for cleaning fluids. At the same time, they make your employees’ daily work easier. Or you can choose directly our solvent free cleaning units.

    We would be happy to send you more information or advise you personally. Simply use the contact form or contact us by e-mail or phone.

    Our nature is very important to us. Professional cleaning is therefore very central to us.

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