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Stay flexible!

Expose your cliché plates yourself with our equipment

Nylo plate making

Independence and flexibility for your print images

Would you like to produce your own polymer cliché plates?
We offer the appropriate equipment as well as professional advice and training!

With our peripheral devices for cliché production, you can expose your polymer cliché plates yourself in just a few steps. This means that your new clichés are ready for printing in no time at all and you benefit from exceptional flexibility.

Would you like to laser your clichés instead of exposing them with LED UV light? Please contact us for more information.


Exposure units & drying cabinets

Accessories for the making of nylo plates


Teca-Print customer tip

Are you already familiar with our cliché service? We will be happy to produce your polymer clichés for you. We deliver in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.

Cliché service

Exposure units and drying cabinets

The perfect combination for your plate making

Teca-Print Belichtung Kunststoffklischee: Belichtung des Klischees im Belichtungsgerät mit LED-UV-Licht

With our exposure units and drying cabinets, the exposure and drying of polymer clichés is simple and reliable for every user. The cliché is ready for printing within a very short time. The devices are available in three different sizes.
State-of-the-art lighting technology enables a time- and energy-saving exposure time of just a few seconds. The exposure time is set using a timer. After washing out, we recommend post-exposure with subsequent drying/curing in our drying cabinets for optimum hardening and thus to maximise the service life of polymer clichés.

Teca-Print Belichtung Kunststoffklischee: Auswaschen des Klischees

BG/TS 25/30

for smaller plate sizes

BG/TS 25/30

The smallest version of our exposure unit and drying cabinet can take clichés up to a size of 370 x 230 mm. The maximum exposure size is 350 x 220 mm. Exposure takes place with 4 UV LED tubes.

BG/TS 35/50

for middle sized plates

BG/TS 35/50

Clichés up to a size of 620 x 270 mm can be placed in the medium-sized version of our exposure unit and drying cabinet. A maximum area of 560 x 230 mm can be exposed with 6 UV LED tubes.

BG/TS 35/100

for large plate sizes

BG/TS 35/100

The largest combination of exposure unit and drying cabinet can use plates up to a size of 1100 x 350 mm. The exposure area of max. 1050 x 320 mm is reliably covered by a total of 8 UV tubes.

Accessories for the production of polymer clichés

Perfectly coordinated and very popular with our customers

Our accessories make it easier for you to produce your own polymer clichés.

We provide a brief overview of the most important accessories here. All products have been specifically tested for this application and are also used by our employees on a daily basis.

Our wash-out sponge with plush cloth is ideal for washing out the polymer cliché plate.
Plush cloths are also available separately for replacement.

After exposure with your print image, if the film with your print image was not screened, it must be exposed with a screen film. At Teca-Print, you can obtain screen films in various sizes.

Our lint-free tissues are perfect for countless applications in the daily printing process.
They e.g. can also be used to dry our polymer clichés after washing them out.

The practical wash-out trays with magnetic foil are available in various sizes.
The cliché is held perfectly on the magnetic foil while you wash out the cliché.

Polymer clichés are available in water-washable or alcohol-washable versions.
We recommend our wash-out agent for alcohol-washable clichés.

Do you already know our rubber blanket? Between the polymer cliché plate and the support plate, it ensures a more even and improved removal behaviour of the ink cup or blade.

Use our drying cabinets to dry and harden your clichés!

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    Teca-Print Kunststoffklischee mit Lasergravur

    With us you have the choice:

    Use our professional cliché service and receive your clichés ready for printing.
    Or you can expose your polymer clichés yourself. We offer you the right equipment for this purpose and are also pleased to train you.

    We are at your disposal for any questions you may have. Please contact us using the contact form, by e-mail or phone.

    High-quality printing plates contribute to a good print result.

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