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Colourful variety - best printing results

The perfect tampon shape and quality for every application!


Teca-Print pad holders

For a perfect pad fastening


BriX printing pads

The "superdry" one - suitable also for glossy surfaces


Exceptional: Dual printing pad

outstanding printing pad for outstanding products


"FDA"-conform printing pads

supplied with certificate and in airtight packaging


Long-life printing pads

Need a surface to be printed?


MaxX printing pads

highest contour sharpness for the finest print images


More than standard: our Standard pad quality

Red, green or white: which hardness do you choose?


StarX printing pads

highest performance - exclusively at Teca-Print


The shape matters!

we create the perfect pad shape for your application


Printing pads

The centrepiece of pad printing

The printing pad is of central importance: not only does it give its name to the entire printing process, it also plays a key role during printing.
As an ink transfer medium, the printing pad plays a decisive role in the quality of the print. Optimum printing can only be achieved with clean, complete and distortion-free ink transfer.
Teca-Print has its own in-house pad production. Both silicone qualities and pad moulds are subject to a consistent development process.
New silicone qualities are developed in countless tests and with a great deal of practical experience.
However, it is not only the properties of the silicone that influence the printing behaviour. The pad mould also determines the printing result, as it determines the rolling behaviour of the pad. Teca-Print offers you over 2,000 different pad shapes, and thanks to our consistent and customised development work, this number is constantly increasing.

Benefit from the following with our printing pads:

in-house pad production
internal development, design and manufacture of pad moulds
optimum coordination of silicone quality and pad mould for your application


Silicone qualities

Pad shapes

General information


We will be happy to advise you on the choice of pad shape and silicone quality!
We look forward to hearing from you.

Silicone qualities

StarX Printing pads

Teca-Print StarX-Drucktampons Silikonqualität in unterschiedlichen Härten für höchste mechanische Beanspruchung

High-performance printing pad
exklusively at Teca-Print

The printing pads in the StarX range are used by a large number of customers for a wide variety of applications.

Our customers particularly appreciate the high mechanical resistance. StarX printing pads therefore also impress when printing on surfaces that are not completely flat and smooth.

excellent anti-static properties
high resistance to mechanical abrasion
swell resistant and easy to clean
long lifetime
Detail about StarX printing pads

MaxX printing pads

Teca-Print MaxX-Drucktampons

The latest generation of silicone
Printing pad for the highest quality demands

MaxX is the name for our latest printing pads. Our customers are impressed by the transfer of the finest print images with maximum contour sharpness.

The MaxX printing pad can be used very flexibly and is convincing in many areas of application.

transfer of the finest print images
highest contour sharpness
very good mechanical properties
Detail about MaxX printing pads

Standard printing pads

Teca-Print Standard-Drucktampons Silikonqualität rot grün weiss gelb

The universally popular product:
versatile and appreciated

Our so-called standard pads include red, green and white pads, which differ in terms of their hardness.

Due to the wide variety of applications for which our standard pads are suitable, they are very popular with our customers. The standard quality of silicone can be used for lots of applications.

suits for lots of applications
widest range of shapes
excellent fine-image transfer
very good resistance to mechanical abrasion
Detail about standard printing pads

BriX printing pads

Teca-Print BriX-Drucktampons Silikonqualität supertrocken

The super dry one
also for high-gloss surfaces

BriX printing pads differ from all other types of silicone because they contain a special oil. BriX printing pads are used in particular by customers who print on high-gloss surfaces that leave marks even with the slightest contact.

Due to the special oil, BriX printing pads are described as super-dry.

super dry
no marks on glossy surfaces
very good mechanical abrasion properties
short activation time
Detail about BriX printing pads

Dual printing pads

Teca-Print Dual-Drucktampons Silikonqualität für die Uhrenindustrie

The very special treasure
exclusively at Teca-Print

The dual printing pad not only impresses with its unusual appearance, it also has unique properties. Dual printing pads were developed by Teca-Print for customers in the watch industry, but are also used in other industrial sectors.

Thanks to dual printing pads, special effects can also be achieved and additional media can be transferred.

transfer of pad printing ink as well as watchmaker’s ink
relief-effect possible
best fine-image transfer
Detail about Dual printing pads

Long-life printing pads

Teca-Print Long-Life-Drucktampons Silikonqualität in unterschiedlichen Härten

The long-lasting one
impressive even with full-surface prints

The name says it all: our long-life printing pad impresses our customers with its long service life. The transferred print image is just as impressive.

The long-life printing pad delivers particularly homogeneous full-surface prints, but is also appreciated by customers with fine print images.

ideal for full-surface prints
long lifetime
very good anti-swelling properties
Detail about long-life printing pads

FDA printing pads

Teca-Print FDA-Drucktampons Silikonqualität

Printing pad for medical applications
when special regulations apply

Are you working in the medical or food sector? Then you are probably familiar with the strict regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration.

Our FDA printing pad is available for such special applications. They are always supplied with a certificate.

supplied with a certification
particularly suitable for medical technology sectors
Detail about FDA printing pads

Our employees daily produce hundreds of high-quality printing pads.

Pad shapes

Teca-Print develops and produces new pad moulds in its own in-house pad laboratory. By manufacturing in-house, we not only save time, but also ensure that all aspects important for high-quality pad printing are taken into account. Our knowledge and experience are fully taken into account in the production of the pad mould.

At Teca-Print, you can obtain printing pads in over 2’000 shapes. And the number is constantly increasing, because we are also continually developing our range of accessories.

Special pad shapes

Some applications place special demands to the printing pad. It is necessary to manufacture a special pad precisely for this application. The development of special pads usually requires printing tests and close co-operation between the application technology, graphics and design departments. We at Teca-Print are happy to develop, test and produce a pad specially for your application..

OrbiX pad shapes

OrbiX Drucktampon Tamponform

The perfect pad shape
inspired by nature

Nature provides the basis of design for the perfect surface geometry of our OrbiX pad shapes. The surface structures of the OrbiX printing pads are derived from shapes, similar to that of a parabola, which are often found in nature.

Our OrbiX printing pads calculated in this way impress with optimised printing properties and lead to a better printing result.

even pad pressure
optimized unroll properties
signifikant improvement in ink transfer
improved print accuracy
Detail pad shapes and OrbiX

We develop our own pad moulds. Many are created on the basis of print samples for special applications.

General information

Pad hardnesses

Pad hardness is measured in Shore. Teca-Print uses the scale according to system 00 Si. The production tolerance is ± 2 Shore 00 Si. Generally speaking, pad hardnesses range from 39 Shore 00 Si (very soft) to 68 Shore 00 Si (very hard).

In addition to the quality of the surface and shape of the part to be printed, the printing force of the machine used and the size of the print image must also be taken into consideration when choosing the proper pad hardness.

Cleaning of printing pads

The dust and ink residue left on the pad surface should be cleaned with adhesive tape only.


Store pads in an area without sunlight and keep them away from direct contact with other parts (including other pads).


New printing pads must be de-oiled before using them for the first time, so that the pad is activated for printing. Great care is required during the activation. Use soft paper towels soaked with thinner (e.g. VD, VM) to wash down the pad surface.

Pad base and pad fastening

Both wood and aluminum are used as pad bases.

We have compiled information on our pad holders and the fastening options for you under the adjacent link.

Pad fastening and pad holders

The golden rule of pad selection

The rule below should be followed when choosing a printing pad:

Always choose the hardest, most pointed and largest printing pad possible!

The hardness of the pad helps to print sharp contours and ensures perfect prints on structured surfaces.

The steeper the pad is, the better the air can escape (i.e. during ink pick-up and deposit).

The largest pad volume possible minimizes image distortion, as larger pads deform less.

Would you like more information about our printing pads or would you like advice for your application? We look forward to hearing from you.

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    The full diversity of our range of printing pads can hardly be fully represented in a catalogue. Nevertheless, we have compiled a pad catalogue for you with a selection of pad shapes that are most frequently used by our customers. Our catalogue also contains important information on handling printing pads.

    We would be happy to send you our pad catalogue. Simply use the contact form or contact us by e-mail or phone.

    Our “Pad catalogue for the watch industry” with the most important printing pads for printing dials, date rings or other articles with predominantly round, smaller print images has been created especially for our customers from the watch industry. We would also be pleased to send you this catalogue.

    Our MaxX print pads are our latest print pads and impress with the highest contour definition!

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