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The shape matters!

we create the perfect pad shape for your application

Pad shapes and OrbiX printing pads

High variety of shapes – customised mould development

Teca-Print Auswahl an Drucktampons

The shape of the printing pad has a decisive influence on the printing result. Teca-Print supplies printing pads in several thousand different shapes, and new shapes are constantly being developed and produced.

The optimum pad shape is often defined in printing trials. The choice of printing pad is a process that requires a great deal of experience and sensitivity, particularly when printing on curved parts and parts with ridges or indentations.

Your benefit with Teca-Print:

in-house development and production of the pad mould
exclusive at Teca-Print: optimised OrbiX surface geometry
shapes for flat and rotative printing
printing tests to develop the perfect pad shape

OrbiX printing pads – nature as an inspiration for the perfect pad shape – exclusively at Teca-Print

OrbiX Drucktampon Tamponform

Teca-Print has set a new standard with the development of the OrbiX pad shapes.

Nature serves as a model for the perfect surface geometry of the OrbiX pad shape. Our design department uses shapes that occur several times in nature, similar to a parabola, to calculate the ideal shape of the printing pad.

Our OrbiX printing pads calculated in this way impress with optimised printing properties and lead to a better printing result.

Your benefit using OrbiX printing pads:

even pad pressure
optimized unroll properties
significant improvement in ink transfer
improved print accuracy
Teca-Print OrbiX Drucktampons Zeichnung

We offer a special service for our OrbiX printing pads:

We will be happy to send you the print area image of our OrbiX printing pads. Using the millimetre grid, you can see directly which print image size the printing pad can perfectly pick up and release.

Contact us for further information, we will provide you with dedicated and competent advice.

OrbiX DruckflÀche Millimeter

Customised printing pads – for special requirements

Teca-Print Spezialtampon

Does your application require a precisely tailored printing pad? Is there a raised area or an edge near the print image or does the shape of the part place special demands on the printing pad?

At Teca-Print, we will be happy to produce the perfect pad for your application. Our application technology, graphics and design department work hand in hand to develop the appropriate printing pad shape.

Teca-Print Spezialtampon Sondertampon Drucktampon Form Entwicklung


Printing pads
Pad fastening (conus and holder)
Print trials and mould development
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