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For our environment: Eco-Cleaning

So that our water can still bubble in dazzling colours tomorrow!


Cleaning without solvents

Clean air for the next generation as well!


Solvent free cleaning

Sustainable cleaning

Your advantage:

  • Environmentally and user-friendly
  • Cleaning without solvents
  • No special regulations regarding the place of installation and disposal of waste products
  • Available as an automatic or manual cleaning device

Environmental aspects are becoming increasingly important. Avoiding the use of solvents and replacing them with more environmentally friendly components is a matter of course for many companies today. Many customers are therefore looking for a sustainable alternative, particularly in the cleaning process for printing supplies.

Teca-Print offers manual and automatic cleaning devices that are optimised for cleaning all ink-soiled printing accessories such as magnetic plates, clichés, ink pots, spatulas, etc. The cleaning process is solvent-free.

Cleaning is carried out without solvents. Environmentally friendly cleaning fluids are used, which can also be continuously reused thanks to an integrated recycling system.

There are no complicated requirements or regulations regarding the place of installation of the cleaning device; the device can be operated directly in the production room.

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