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Multi colour printings with a high capacity

The Transfert Carré is available for multi colour printings with 4, 5 or 6 colours

Machine peripherals

The perfect everyday support in the printing process

We are constantly developing not only our pad printing machines, but also our peripheral devices. New technical possibilities and more complex requirements enable or require new products.

We adapt ourselves. For example, is your part too large to be moved from one colour to the next for multi-colour printing? Then we move the printing pads and the part stays in place. Electromechanical solutions are also possible here.
We would be happy to advise you and find the appropriate machine peripherals for your application.


Devices multi-colour printing

Rotary and pivot tables

Further peripherals


Almost infinite variety and options to choose from


Transfert Carré

Highest performance for precise multi colour prints


Rotary table

In a circuit from one station to the next


Shuttle table

Multicolour printing with just one workpiece holder


Pad height compensators

Make your printing process even more flexible


Pad sliding device

The perfect solution for two-colour printing


Electromechanical pad sliding device

High-precision multi-colour printing by moving the printing pads


Pivoting table

More output with a separate pick-up position


The range of peripheral devices that can be combined with the pad printing machine is very diverse.

We present the most frequently used versions here. Most of the devices shown are available in several versions. The main differences are the type of drive, the size and the partition.

We would be happy to show you the options in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

Peripheral devices for multi-colour printing

From one colour to the next thanks to the shuttle table or Transfert Carré

Both our shuttle tables or the Transfert Carré are suitable for achieving accurate multi-colour printing. They are available in different versions and sizes. The shuttle table works with just one workpiece holder and the part to be printed moves from one colour to the next before returning to its starting position. Depending on the version, the Transfert Carré usually uses between 14 and 20 workpiece holders. The different colours are printed simultaneously on the parts positioned next to each other in front of the printing machine so that a high number of cycles can be achieved.

Multi-colour prints with a pad sliding device

For some applications, it can be advantageous to move the pads rather than the print object in order to print several colours precisely in one operation. Pad sliding devices for 2-colour printing are often used at manual workstations and are available in pneumatic versions in various sizes.
An electromechanical pad sliding device is used for multi-colour printing on larger machines. They function in the same way as a shuttle table. They offer a great deal of flexibility. The object to be printed remains in its fixed position.

Rotary tables and pivot tables

From convenient handling at manual workstations to large systems with several machines

The pivot table “swings” from the loading station to the printing machine and back. This saves time and enables comfortable working at the manual workstation.
Rotary indexing tables are available in a wide range of designs and in very different sizes. Smaller rotary tables are often used when a single-colour machine is to be combined with pre-treatment, drying and possibly automatic unloading. Larger rotary tables are often used for complex automated systems. Several machines and various additional elements, such as handling via robots, can be placed around the rotary table.

Further peripherals

Pad height compensation – indispensable for many applications

Pad height compensation gives you additional flexibility in your printing process. Particularly when printing multi-colour prints at different heights, e.g. with a three-dimensional print object, the height compensation makes printing possible in the first place.
The pad height compensation is available in different versions. The swivelling height compensation is frequently used today. The printing pads, which do currently note depose their ink, swivel forwards. This height compensation is very compact and versatile.

Additional information about our peripherals

In addition to the peripheral devices listed here, there are many other options available.
Examples include the linear conveyor or a linear feed.

Benefit from peripheral devices that have been developed to match our printing machines perfectly and are usually integrated into the machine control system.

Our peripheral devices are constantly being developed further. It is important to us to always be able to offer you the latest products in this area.

Our peripheral equipment perfectly complements our pad printing machines.

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    With our peripheral devices, we offer you perfectly suited products to complement the pad printing machine and enable perfect multi-colour printing, for example. They are indispensable for many applications and are an integral part of the printing process. Benefit from our dedicated team and over 50 years of experience in pad printing – we can offer you the most suitable complete solution.

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