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A passion for pad printing

Our motivated team develops and builds your printing system


We always have time for you!

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System assembly at Teca-Print

Our team is efficient and highly motivated - you are always welcome to visit Teca-Print


Application driven solutions

We plan, advise and realise for your needs


Modular integration

Our systems and machines offer the desired flexibility

World leading technology in pad printing

We build your system according to your specifications


Customised pad printing solutions

We can design bespoke systems for your application


Pad printing systems & automations

Customised and innovative – complete automated systems from the technology leader in pad printing

Pad printing is a traditional printing process, but at the same time offers an infinite variety of innovative possibilities for the most diverse applications. For over 50 years, we have played a decisive role in the development of pad printing. New technologies on the market are consistently implemented and integrated into our machines and systems. This means that today we can offer you not only the machines for pad printing themselves, but also complete and customised solutions for your application. On request with automatic feeding and unloading, vision systems, systems for achieving optimum ambient conditions and, of course, with innovative software options.

high-tech, customised pad printing systems with state-of-the-art software solutions
myTeca-Print app to increase productivity and process reliability
in-house development by a motivated, competent team that accepts every challenge




Feeding – manual or automated? The choice is yours!

Teca-Print offers you the right feeder for your products depending on your requirements. Depending on the desired output, the properties of your products and the way in which your parts are supplied, we design and build the appropriate feeder.
Examples of automated feeders include spiral conveyors, step conveyors, jedec feeders, vibratory conveyors (anyfeeders), centrifuges or other separating conveyors. In many cases, a robot is used. We take the parts from your existing production line, e.g. after an injection moulding machine, and feed them to our printing system.

Printing – we integrate the perfect printing solution into your or our environment!

Printing is the centre of our printing systems. We can integrate individual machines into your production line or develop and build the entire line for you.

In addition to machines, we also use flexible printing modules for installation in systems. In addition to the actual printing, our systems today also include pre-treatment, post-treatment, vision systems or devices that simplify the printing process and increase process stability. Such devices ensure, for example, a certain level of humidity or a constant cliché temperature.

Our products for pre- and post-treatment are very versatile. Visit our special page for these products.
We very often equip our printing machines with vision systems. They are used, for example, to control that your product is fixed in the exact position before printing or, of course, to check the print image.
Perfect ambient conditions minimise problems with ink transfer and ensure consistent printing results. We use humidifiers in many systems to ensure that the air is not too dry.
Constant temperatures of the cliché and therefore the printing ink ensure consistent printing results. We therefore rely on cliché cooling for our machines and systems if required. Heat development under load also leads to expansion in machine components. Thanks to our cliché temperature compensation, which is available as an option for machines with fast cycle times, these fluctuations are equalised.

A very important component of our systems is the software. Our machines and modules have state-of-the-art communication options with your production line. We also offer you options such as remote maintenance, remote maintenance plus and the myTeca-Print app. Benefit from higher productivity and optimised process reliability.

Regardless of whether you want to print in one colour or multiple colours, whether it is decorative or technical pad printing, we offer you the right solution for your application.

Teca-Print product card myTeca-Print App
Visit the page presenting the myTeca-Print App!
Visit our page informing about our machines and systems control
Teca-Print Mitarbeiter bei Fernwartung
Click to visit our page regarding remote (plus) maintenance
Teca-Print Mitarbeiter Dienstleistung Einstellung Kamera Vision System Control
More information about the increase of productivity required?

Unloading – we hand over after printing according to your wishes!

Unloading of parts after printing

After printing and, if necessary, post-treatment, we hand over your parts according to your wishes and requirements. Both manual and automatic solutions are possible. An unloading robot transfers the parts to a conveyor belt or slide, for example, or places the parts in trays in the correct position.

For some applications, simple pneumatic ejectors are also suitable for further processing as bulk material or on a conveyor belt. The options are very versatile. We have the experience – you have the application. We look forward to developing a customised concept for you.

We offer our customers a customised all-in-one solution!

Find out more about the system solutions available from Teca-Print and benefit from our five pluses! Put your trust in the technology leader in pad printing.

Our 1st plus

Consulting, planning & realization

Consulting, planning & realization

We will find the right solution for your application and will be happy to implement it for you. We will discuss our project planning with you step by step.

Further information

Our 2nd plus

Process development & integration

Process development & integration

Our systems are planned individually for your application and have state-of-the-art communication options so that we can integrate our solution into your production line at any time.

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Our 3rd plus

Solutions (portfolio)

Solutions (portfolio)

In over 50 years, we have built innovative systems for a wide range of industrial sectors. You can rely on our experience.

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Our 4th plus

Production & assembly

Production & assembly

We assemble reliably and pay attention to detail. Our team is motivated and works in close co-operation between assembly, automation engineering, application technology and construction.

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Our 5th plus

Commissioning & training

Commissioning & training

We want you to be able to use all the functions of our system. We support you during commissioning and train your employees.

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We are the experts for customised pad printing solutions. Please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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