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Laser engraved cliché plates

Ready-to-print, easy positioning


Thin steel plates

Take advantage of the steel plates characteristics at a low prices


The cliché plate summit

Not to top: Ceramic cliché plates provide for a long lifetime


Long life polymer plates

Quickly made - high flexibility for your printing process


Top quality: Teca-Print steel plates

Appropriate also for the finest print images


Cliché plates

The masters of the print image

The cliché plate contains the print image. The printing pad takes the print image from the cliché and transfers it to the object to be printed. Accordingly, the cliché has a fundamental influence on the quality of the print. Only a high-quality cliché offers the ideal conditions for a perfect print result.

High-quality refers to both the cliché material and the engraving or etching. At Teca-Print, the selection of clichés as well as engraving, etching and exposure have been part of our work since the company was founded 50 years ago and are constantly and consistently pursued and further developed. We only offer you tested, high-quality cliché material.

Thanks to our in-house graphics and cliché service, you receive not only row material cliché plates, but also print-ready clichés in professional quality.

Our offer:

all high-quality cliché materials suitable for pad printing
in-house cutting service for polymer cliché plates to your desired dimensions, including perforations if required
Graphic work and cliché service


Cliché types

General information

Accessories for cliché plates

Teca-Print cliché service


Cliché plate types

Flexible and cost-effective for small and medium-sized print series

Further information

Available in different versions, high quality and long-lasting

Further information

The economical variant – also as an alternative to thick steel plates

Further information

Long service life – low abrasion – also suitable for abrasive media transfer

Further information

General information

Service life of the clichés

For cliché plates, the service life indicates the number of possible doctoring cycles, i.e. the production output. The service life of clichés depends on many factors. These include the blade contact pressure in the open inking system and the contact pressure of the ink cup in the sealed inking system. The ink type and colour tone as well as the care of the cliché also have an influence.

A service life of around 10,000 doctoring cycles for polymer clichés and around 25,000 for long-life polymer clichés is a guideline value. 100,000 doctoring cycles are a guideline value for thin steel clichés, around 1 million for steel clichés and as many as 3 million for ceramic clichés. These figures are non-binding guide values.

Plate sizes, holes and perforations

All cliché types are available in a wide range of sizes. Depending on how the cliché is mounted in the machine, various holes or perforations are available for clichés.
In the open inking system, Teca-Print pad printing machines do not require any holes or perforations for fixing the cliché in the magnetic plate or on the cliché carrier.
In the closed inking system, perforations are generally used for plastic clichés and thin steel clichés. Depending on the machine type, the clichés then contain 2 or 4 punched holes through which the cliché is fixed.
For steel clichés, threaded holes located on the front of the plate are sometimes used.

Teca-Print can supply you with clichĂ©s in any size you require. We cut polymer clichĂ©s ourselves and are also happy to produce “odd” or special sizes for you. We are also flexible when it comes to punching holes and can respond to our customers’ wishes.

Our tip for cliché production:
Screened or not? 

For large print areas, the print image must be screened, otherwise the doctor blade or ink cup will leave the ink unevenly distributed in the print subject. When picking up the ink, the pad displaces the ink layer with its rolling movement.

Irregularities in the ink layer will be reflected in an uneven print. The anilox dots support the blade even on large areas and thus ensure a uniform-looking print. Polymer clichés are always screened.

At Teca-Print you can obtain all cliché types suitable for pad printing.

Accessories for cliché plates

At Teca-Print, you can obtain ready-to-print clichés or raw cliché material for independent exposure or engraving. We offer you tried and tested accessories for both variants.

Accessories that are used in connection with the clichés in the daily printing process and make everyday work easier, but also accessories for the cliché production process.

Would you like to expose or engrave your cliché yourself? We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Please use our contact form or simply give us a call.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Teca-Print Klischees Sortiment geÀtzt und ungeÀtzt

Our expert tip: Rubber printing blanket

We recommend the rubber blanket for use in a sealed inking system when using polymer or thin steel clichés. The blanket is soft but very resistant and is applied to the insert plate with the self-adhesive side.

The rubber blanket improves the peel-off behaviour of the ink cup and neutralises unevenness.
The service life of the cliché is increased.

Teca-Print Gummidrucktuch

Teca-Print cliché service

Take advantage of our professional cliché service. We guarantee you optimum production of the desired cliché with your print image.

We are happy to take over the complete service for you. Our service starts in our graphics department, which reliably produces every graphic. This is followed by direct exposure by laser or a film is produced for exposure or etching, depending on the type of cliché and print image. Our experienced staff have high-quality equipment at their disposal to ensure that every cliché is dispatched to our customers in perfect, controlled quality.

Interested in our cliché service?
Visit our extra page for more information.

cliché service

Teca-Print Klischees Sortiment geÀtzt

The quality of the cliché has a decisive influence on the print result. Trust our experience and knowledge.

Would you like more information about our clichés or do you need advice for your application? We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Our range of clichés is as varied and diverse as the world of pad printing. Regardless of whether you work with polymer cliché plates, steel, thin steel or ceramic clichés: Each cliché has its own advantages and we make sure that every cliché is of tested quality.

    Visit our detailed pages on each cliché type, there are numerous differences and possibilities within the cliché types.

    We will be happy to send you further information or advise you personally. Simply use the contact form or contact us by e-mail or phone.

    For the sealed ink cup system, we recommend long-life polymer plates, thin steel or steel plates or ceramic plates.

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