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Top quality: Teca-Print steel plates

Appropriate also for the finest print images

Steel cliché plates

Teca-Print Stahlklischees

Teca-Print steel cliché plates are made from a high-quality special steel and are usually 10 mm thick. Steel clichés with a thickness of 6 or 8 mm are also used for small dimensions.

Due to their high abrasion resistance, steel clichés are suitable for large print runs.

Steel clichés with a polished surface and steel clichés with chrome steel components are available as special versions.

high abrasion resistance – long life
avaible also unscreened for fine print images
available in different versions
can be reused thanks to our grinding and lapping service

Overview Teca-Print steel cliché plates

Steel cliché plates

Teca-Print steel clichés have a steel-coloured appearance and are available in thicknesses of 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm, depending on the size. They are suitable for open as well as sealed inking systems and are made of a high-quality special steel.

Teca-Print offers an economical regrinding and lapping service for steel clichés. You send us your used steel cliché, we grind and lap the cliché and you receive the cliché back for reuse. This not only protects the environment, but also pays off in terms of price.

Polished steel cliché plates

Our high-gloss, polished steel cliché plates are suitable for special applications. The steel clichés made from the highest quality polished steel are used in the watch industry in particular, as they are ideal for the finest print images. They are available in thicknesses of 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm.

On request, our polished steel clichés are also available with grinded cliché sides.

Chrome steel cliché plates

Steel cliché plates with chrome steel content are a speciality among steel clichés. With their steel-coloured appearance and a thickness of 10 mm, the clichés are used in both open and sealed inking systems.

Due to the chrome steel content, the clichés are extremely corrosion-resistant and are therefore also suitable for transferring inks or media with special requirements.

Teca-Print Stahklischee poliert

Teca-Print cliché service for steel cliché plates

We offer you our tried-and-tested clich̩ service for our steel clich̩s. We are happy to take care of the entire clich̩ production process Рfrom the graphic work to the finished engraved or etched steel clich̩.

You can rely on our experience.

full professional service including graphic editing of your file
very short delivery time for all steel clichés in stock
engraving is done by laser or etching

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Cliché plates
Teca-Print cliché service
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