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Long life polymer plates

Quickly made - high flexibility for your printing process

Polymer cliché plates

Teca-Print Kunststoffklischees

Polymer cliché plates are used in pad printing for many applications. They are inexpensive and offer a high degree of flexibility thanks to the fast, simple exposure and engraving options.
Polymer clichés represent a large share of the market, particularly for small to medium-sized print series.

Polymer cliché plates consist of a thin metal carrier plate covered with a plastic layer.

high flexibility thanks to short production times
suitable for small and medium-sized print runs
available in different versions
Teca-Print cutting service to your desired dimensions

Laser engraved polymer plates

Teca-Print Kunststoffklischee für die Lasergravur

Laser engraving offers numerous advantages in the daily printing process. Not only do you benefit from consistent quality when producing multiple clichés, but the positioning accuracy of direct laser engraving means that there is no need to realign the print position after a cliché change with an identical print image.
Your pad printing machine is therefore ready for use even faster. Set-up times and downtimes are minimised. And as a positive side effect, you can always rely on identical engraving quality.

At Teca-Print, you can obtain polymer cliché plates for laser engraving in any size up to a maximum cliché width of 800 mm. Our in-house cliché cutting service produces your desired size, with perforations if required, and packs the clichés in sets of 10. Or you can use our cliché service and have your cliché engraved directly by us. If you use our cliché service, you will receive a single cliché.

L300 without holes
L302 with 2 holes
L304 with 4 holes
Our cliché plates for laser engraving are suitable for both open and sealed inking systems.
The finest details can be reproduced.

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Polymer plates for the exposure with LED UV light

Long life alcohol washable

Teca-Print Kunststoffklischee Long-Life alkoholauswaschbar

K52 without holes
G52 with 2 holes
G53 with 4 holes

Standard water washable

Teca-Print Kunststoffklischee I18 Standard wasserauswaschbar

I18 without holes

Standard alcohol washable “SimpleX”

Teca-Print Kunststoffklischee B15 Standard alkoholauswaschbar SimpleX B15 für offene Farbgebersysteme

B15 without holes

Polymer cliché plates for exposure with LED UV light are very popular due to their ease of production. Many customers appreciate the flexibility of being able to expose their clichés directly themselves. Teca-Print offers you polymer clichés in various qualities. We recommend the long life quality for sealed inking systems.

After exposure with LED UV light, the cliché plate is washed out with alcohol or water, depending on the quality. After a short drying time (partly under the influence of heat), the cliché is ready for use.

You will also find all the accessories required for exposing, washing out and drying or curing the polymer clichés in our range.

At Teca-Print, you can obtain polymer cliché plates for exposure with LED UV light in your desired dimensions, with perforations if required, in sets of 10. The clichés are cut to size for you in our cliché room within a short time.

Or you can use our cliché service and we will deliver the ready-to-print cliché to you.

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Cliché plates
Teca-Print cliché service
Accessories plate production
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