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Long-life printing pads

Need a surface to be printed?

Long-life printing pads

The very best for full-surface prints

Teca-Print Drucktampon Long-Life in Tampondruckmaschine
ideal for the transfer of full-surface prints

The special composition of the silicone in our long-life printing pads ensures optimum ink transfer, even for full-surface prints. The printed ink film of full-surface prints shows outstanding homogeneity.

robust and mechanically very resistant

The name says it all with our long-life printing pads: the long-life silicone quality shows a good resistance to mechanical abrasion and impresses with its durability.

very popular even in the watch industry

Our long-life printing pad is not only convincing for surface printing: the silicone also convinces many customers in the watch industry.

very good anti-swelling properties

Long-life printing pads impress with their excellent anti-swelling properties.

Available hardnesses:

We produce long-life printing pads in the following hardnesses for you:

  • approx. 44 Shore 00 Si
  • approx. 54 Shore 00 Si

Long-life print pads are always white in colour.

Teca-Print Long-Life Drucktampon
Information on ordering long-life printing pads

Long-life printing pads are designated with a three-digit or four-digit number. Each article number begins with a T, followed by the pad number. For three-digit numbers, there is a space between the T and the number. The pad number is moulded into the silicone and can therefore be read on the pad.
The pad number is followed by a space and then the letter “O” for long-life printing pads with a hardness of 44 Shore Si. The letter “M” is used for 54 Shore 00 Si.

The long-life printing pad with the shape 136 in hardness 54 Shore 00 Si has the part number: T 136 M.


Printing pads
Pad fastening (holder and cones)
Pad shapes incl. OrbiX
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    Thanks to their white colour, long-life printing pads always stand out in our large range.

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