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MaxX printing pads

highest contour sharpness for the finest print images

MaxX printing pads

The printing pad with maximum contour sharpness – even for the finest print images

Teca-Print MaxX Drucktampon
highest contour sharpness

Printing pads of the MaxX quality transfer print images with extremely sharp contours. They are therefore also suitable for the finest print images and the highest quality requirements.

user-friendly and highly resistant to mechanical abrasion

MaxX pressure pads impress with their excellent resistance to mechanical abrasion and their long service life.

wide range of shapes

MaxX printing pads are available in a very wide range of shapes with wooden or aluminum bases and are also suitable for rotary pad printing.

excellent anti-static properties

The high-quality silicone is user-friendly and versatile thanks to its very good anti-static properties and user-friendliness.

Available hardnesses

We product MaxX printing pads in the following hardnesses for you:

  • approx. 50 Shore 00 Si
  • approx. 62 Shore 00 Si
  • approx. 68 Shore 00 Si

MaxX printing pads with a hardness of 50 Shore 00 Si are light grey, while MaxX printing pads with a hardness of 62 and 68 Shore 00 Si are supplied in blue.

MaxX printing pads can be produced with a glossy or matt surface, depending on the shape and sometimes on customer request.

Information on ordering MaxX printing pads

Each MaxX printing pad is identified by a 4-digit number. The pad number is preceded by the letter “T”. The pad number is moulded into the silicone and can therefore be read on the pad.
The pad number is followed by a hyphen, an “X” and then the hardness. For existing printing pads, you can read the hardness on the pad base.

The MaxX printing pad with the shape 1189 in hardness 50 Shore 00 Si has the part number: T1189-X50.


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Pad shapes incl. OrbiX
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    MaxX printing pads impress with their excellent contour definition – even with the finest print images.

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