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More than standard: our Standard pad quality

Red, green or white: which hardness do you choose?

Standard printing pads

The versatile printing pad for numerous applications

Teca-Print Drucktampon Standard rot
universal application

Our “Standard” silicone range of printing pads covers a very broad spectrum of applications. They are available in a large variety of shapes and three different hardnesses.

excellent fine-image transfer

Best transfer properties enable the printing of very fine detailed images.

very good resistance to mechanical abrasion

The silicone has a high level of resistance to mechanical abrasion and is therefore universal in application, even when used over a longer period the swell resistance is excellent.

also available with a cavity or with a net

For special applications, we produce Standard quality printing pads with a cavity or with a net for you.

Available hardnesses

We produce standard printing pads in different hardnesses. The hardness can be visually recognised by the pad colour. The colour defines the hardness accordingly:

  • red, approx. 54 Shore 00 Si
  • green, approx. 44 Shore 00 Si
  • white, approx. 39 Shore 00 Si
Teca-Print Standard Drucktampons rot weiss grün
Information on ordering standard printing pads

As with all Teca-Print printing pads, the article number for standard pads begins with a “T”.
If the pad number has a maximum of three digits, the “T” is followed by a space and then the pad number in three digits. The space is omitted for four-digit tampon numbers.

The pad number is always followed by a space before the hardness is defined with the letters R, G or W.

The standard pad with mould 605 in red hardness (54 Shore 00 Si) has the article number: T 605 R.


Printing pads
Pad fastening (holder and cones)
Pad shapes incl. OrbiX
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    Our standard quality printing pads are very versatile and available in a wide variety of shapes.

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