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Manual cleaning

Inexpensive and fast

WG 701 / WG 902

Manual cleaning stations

Your advantage:

  • cost-effective cleaning possibility
  • no direct contact with the cleaning solvents
  • available in two versions

The WG 701 and WG 902 cleaning stations enable the cleaning of machine accessories soiled with ink – time-saving, cost-effective and without direct contact with solvents.
The hermetically sealed cleaning chamber is accessed via solvent-resistant gloves. The mineral glass pane in the hinged cover allows a clear view into the closed appliance. Cleaning is carried out manually using a brush into which the cleaning fluid is pumped.

Waschgeraet WG 701, manuelles Reinigungsgeraet
Waschgeraet WG 902 f├╝r die manuelle Reinigung

The cleaning units are made of stainless sheet steel and are supplied with an extraction system for solvent vapours.

In contrast to the WG 701, the WG 902 has two separate cleaning fluid containers. While the fluid in the first container is used for basic cleaning, the liquid in the second container can be used for post-cleaning or rinsing. This means that the cleaning liquid can be used over a longer period of time and the environment is protected.

The cleaning stations may only be used with cleaning agents with a flash point above 21┬░C! We recommend our detergent RE.

Simplify the daily cleaning process with our manual cleaning stations!

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