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Exceptional: Dual printing pad

outstanding printing pad for outstanding products

Dual printing pads

The unique printing pad for special applications

Teca-Print Dual Drucktampon

Dual printing pads combine two different silicone types and are therefore unique and exclusively available at Teca-Print.

transfer of pad printing ink as well as watchmaker’s ink

Dual printing pads are not only perfect for transferring pad printing ink. Dual printing pads are also suitable for transferring other media.

relief-effect possible

when using the corresponding watchmaker’s ink, the Dual printing pads make it possible to demonstrate the desired relief-effect particularly well

best fine-image transfer

Dual printing pads have excellent drawing properties and are therefore particularly suitable for fine print images

Available hardnesses:

We produce Dual printing pads with hardness 64 Shore 00 Si for you.

The tampons are always supplied with a blue anodised aluminum base and consist of a light grey and a transparent silicone.

Teca-Print Dual Drucktampon
Information on ordering Dual printing pads

Each Dual printing pad is designated with a 4-digit number. The pad number is preceded by the letter “T”. The pad number is moulded into the silicone and can therefore be read on the pad.
The pad number is followed by a hyphen and the letters “DL” for Dual. This is followed by the hardness. The hardness of Dual printing pads is 64 Shore 00 Si.

The Dual printing pad with the shape 1452 in hardness 64 Shore 00 Si has the part number: T1452-DL64.


Printing pads
Pad fastening (holder and cones)
Pad shapes incl. OrbiX
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