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The "smallest" for 2-colour printing

small cliché sizes - quick colour change

TPE 150

Versatile pad printing machine

Your advantage:

  • our “smallest” pad printing machine for 2-colour prints
  • minimised cliché costs due to small cliché sizes
  • electropneumatical
  • compact design
  • open inking system
  • as TPE 151 available also with sealed inking system

With the pad printing machine TPE 150 you can expect a highly versatile machine with a convincing cost-performance ratio. Thanks to the easily comprehensible compact PLC control unit and the magnet plate that can be exchanged with a few simple steps, the TPE 150 is one of the most popular models.

With an open inking system the plates are smaller so that the cost for clichés is accordingly low. The TPE 150 is commonly used as a single workstation. The accessories available for this series like the automatic pad cleaning device or the machine base with coordinate table etc. provide a comfortable working environment.

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 150 mit offenem Farbgebersystem
Tampondruckmaschine TPE 150 mit offenem Farbgebersystem, ausgerüstet für 2-Farbendruck

The TPE 150 is our smallest pad printing machine which can print up to 2 colours.

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 150, Druckversuch

Our employees like to use the TPE 150 for sampling and test prints due to the easy adjustment options.

Special equipment is also possible, such as a heatable cliché holder, which is required for special ink types.

Technical data TPE 150

Number of colours:
max. 2 colours

Plate sizes:
100 x 100 mm / 130 x 100 mm / 150 x 100 mm

up to 1’800 cycles per hour

Drive system:

Printing force:
680 N (printing force must be balanced)

Mains connection:
230 V / 50 Hz, 5 – 6 bar air pressure

Air consumption:
0.5 litres / cycles at 6 bar


approx. 30 kg without machine base
approx. 96 kg with MS 250 machine base

Dimensions (WxHxD):
182 x 500 x 675 mm

Masszeichnung TPE 150 Tampondruckmaschine

The TPE 150 is ideal for frequent cliché changes with 1 or 2-colour print images.

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