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TPE 100: compact for monochrome prints

Pad printing machine also very popular with beginners

Entry level workstation

User-friendly open inkwell machine: TPE 100


TPE 100

Pad printing machine for single colour prints

Your advantage:

  • clearly and easily understandable functions
  • highly productive possibilities
  • electropneumatical
  • compact design
  • open inking system
  • suitable also for “beginners”

The pad printing machine TPE 100 is a classic allrounder for smaller, single colour print images. The clear and easily understandable, but yet highly productive functions and possibilites are also appreciated by beginners. Equipped with an open inking system, the pad printing machine TPE 100 offers an efficient workflow thanks to the quickly exchangable cliché and the low cost of clichés. For even more flexibility a magnetic plate with exchangeable ink container is available as an option.
The TPE 100 is commonly used as a single workstation. A variety of accessories is available for this series and it can be supplied as a table model or complete with a base.

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 100
Zubehör Tampondruckmaschine TPE 100

The magnetic plate with separate ink container offers particular flexibility: Need the same print in a different colour? Simply change the ink container and continue printing!

Wir optimieren die Anlagen permanent - Constantino Mendez - Servicetechniker bei Teca-Print

Our employees are well aware of the high quality of our TPE 100, which is why they work with plenty of energy.

Tampondruckmaschine TPE 100, Tischmodell, einfarbig, Klischeegrösse 100 x 100 mm

The TPE 100 pad printing machine is often used as a tabletop model. The design is very compact so that the machine can be used flexibly.

Technical data TPE 100

Number of colours:
1 colour

Plate sizes:
100 x 100 mm / 150 x 100 mm

up to 1’800 cycles per hour

Drive system:

Printing force:
250 N (printing force must be belanced)

Mains connection:
230 V / 50 Hz, 5 – 6 bar air pressure

Air consumption:
0.25 litres / cycles at 6 bar


approx. 25 kg without machine base
approx. 90 kg with MS 250 machine base

Dimenstions (WxHxD):
150 x 481 x 670 mm

Masszeichnung Tampondruckmaschine TPE 100

Every user will quickly find their way around the TPE 100. A great pad printing machine for single-colour print images.

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    TPE 100 pad printing machine