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Application examples

We are active in many areas!

Application examples

The wide variety of pad printing in the wide variety of industrial sectors

Due to the versatility of the printing process, pad printing is used in almost all areas of industry. At the same time, time does not stand still: intensive development work is constantly enabling new technologies and further fields of application.

Below we have compiled some examples from the most important industries of our customers for you. If your industry is not listed, this does not mean that pad printing is not possible. Please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further details.

Automotive &

Icon Automobilindustrie Teca Print

Perfect printing and elegant design: with our pad printing machines and systems, you can turn your automotive products into unique items: From engine covers and wheels to various interior items, our application options leave nothing to be desired.

Electrical and domestic appliances

Icon Elektrogeraete Haushaltsindustrie Teca Print

In the field of electrical and household appliances, pad printing impresses with its flexibility and the ability to print in recesses or over curved surfaces. Print on mobile phones, remote controls, dishwasher or washing machine panels, electrical appliances and many other items.

Glass and cosmetics industry

Icon Glasindustrie Kosmetikindustrie Teca Print

Pad printing is perfect for printing on cosmetic products in all possible designs as well as for decorating high-quality glass products such as champagne glasses, champagne bottles, wine bottles, etc. Pad printing offers completely new options for printing over a curved surface.

Plastics industry

Icon Kunststoffindustrie Kunststoffe Spritzguss Teca Print

The plastics sector produces a huge variety of shapes, materials and colours. Pad printing can offer you the solution to print this wide range of shapes and materials, with our vast experience in industry and our range of Teca-Print machines.

Medical products

Icon Medizinalindustrie Medizin Gesundheit Teca Print

The medical sector has its own rules and numerous requirements that need to be observed. We have the experience and expertise in this industry to develop a printing solution for you. Our Pad printing machines can print onto contact lenses, syringes, catheters, tubes and wires including rotary printing of marker bands.

Minting industry

Icon Muenzindustrie Muenzen Teca Print

With our Mint Workstation, you can print your coins in perfect quality. Print your relief-stamped coins with brilliant colours and precise positioning. We are also happy to offer you inks with special effects. The possibilities are almost unlimited.  

printed electronics

You can print three-dimensional objects using pad printing with conductive ink and benefit from completely new possibilities. We are doing pioneering work in the field of printed electronics and are in partnership with the market leader for ink production in this area.

Toys & baby articles

Icon Spielwaren und Babyartikel Teca Print

Baby bottles, dummies, dummy chains, all kinds of toys: you can also print on round or curved surfaces with our machines. In addition to normal pad printing inks, fluorescent inks are often used here. This makes it easy to find the dummy in the dark, for example.

Sporting equipment

Icon Industrie Sportartikel Teca Print

There are a wide range of possible applications in the field of sporting goods: We have the appropriate solution for almost all sports areas, e.g. for printing on bicycle components such as frames or wheel centres.

Watch industry

Icon Uhrenindustrie Teca Print

No other industry is as closely rooted in pad printing as the watch industry. Thanks to our close co-operation with the watch industry, our customers have access to machines with special functions. Our accessories are also perfectly matched to their demanding requirements.

Promotional articles & office supplies

Icon Werbeindustrie Werbeartikel Bueromaterial Teca Print

Pad printing offers an ideal solution for promotional items. A wide variety of items can be personalised. From high-quality, sustainably produced pens to inexpensive mass-produced goods: with vivid colours, our solutions make your products stand out from the crowd.

…many other industries

Pad printing is a complex printing process with a wealth of possibilities. Our innovative team is constantly adding further applications. The industrial sectors mentioned above only provide a rough overview. We are also active in many other areas.

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