Service & Support


Reprographic Service:

Teca Print’s reprography department has the expertise and the experience to understand exactly what is required to create your film.

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Cliche Service:

If you deliver us a ready film or a file with your print image which can be used directly for the film manufacturing, you only pay our attractive package price for our Cliché Service.

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Special Ink Tone Service:

For years Teca-Print has been offering a reliable ink mixing service. Special colours are mixed according to the colour systems PMS, RAL, NCS and HKS.  A special plus of our in-house mixing laboratory is the short delivery time.

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Servicing & maintenance for your pad printing machine:

To ensure peak performance for your pad printing machine we offer full-scale service and maintenance. You can determine the extent of service yourself.

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Print Trial Service:

Trial prints on your workpiece, determination of the appropriate printing ink, selection of the appropriate printing pad, help with current problems, and much more from our experienced application technicians.

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Pad Printing User Course:

Within two days we will teach you the basics of pad printing to ensure that you have the knowhow to achieve the best printing results. Theoretical contents with practical examples shall be accompanied by hands-on demonstrations and exercises.

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