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Open inkwell system - several colours

TPX 300 pad printing machine with servo control and plate sizes up to 450 x 150 mm


Multi colour printing with our TPX 300

Pad printing machine with open inking system


TPX 300: printing at the highest level

Servo driven power for your demands


Impressive performance: TPX 300

With plenty of printing force for your application


TPX 300

Electromechanical pad printing machine for many applications

Your advantage:

  • 1 to 5 colours
  • highest flexibility for your printing process
  • servo drive control
  • suitable for many applications
  • open inkwell system
  • a wide range of peripheral devices, accessories and software options available


The pad printing machine TPX 300 with an open inking system is driven by three servo motors. This offers a highly flexible printing process. The operation can be controlled via the user-friendly colour touch-screen.

Between the plate holder, adjustable in x- and w-axes and the pad stroke, which is infinitely variable horizontally and vertically, the TPX 300 is fully adjustable in all directions without the need of additional adjustment devices.

Additional characteristics of the TPX 300 are a spacious, flexible working area, an increased printing force and a very high print accuracy. An integrated pad cleaning device is available, that offers a maximum use of the cleaning tape thanks to the cleaning offset function.

Tampondruckmaschine TPX 300
Tampondruckmaschine TPX 300 mit offenem Farbgebersystem und AusrĂŒstung fĂŒr 4-Farbendruck

Both single-colour and multi-colour prints can be produced with the TPX 300 pad printing machine.

Mitarbeiter und Kunden

The Transfert Carré with automatic ejector is a popular peripheral device for the TPX 300, and our team explains exactly how it works.

Tampondruckmaschine TPX 300 mit offenem Farbgeber, 1 Farbendruck

With the open inking system, the cliché is flooded with ink by the spatula. A blade then removes the ink so that only the print image stayes covered.

Technical data TPX 300

Number of colours:
1 to 5 colours

Plate sizes:
standard plate widths: 250 / 350 / 450 mm
standard plate depths: 100 / 120 mm

up to 1’600 cycles per hour

Drive system:
electromechanical (3 axis control with 3 servo-motors), infinitely adjustable parameters

Printing force:
4000 N (printing force must be balanced)

Mains connection:
230 V / 50 Hz, 5 – 6 bar air pressure

Air constumption:
0.04 litres / cycles at 6 bar

PLC – HMI touchscreen

Vertical pad stroke:
electromechanical, 160 mm infinitely ajustable

Cliché plate adjustment:
± 5 mm (x-axis), ± 2° (rotation)

approx. 245 kg without base, approx. 410 kg with MS 352 machine base

Dimensions (WxHxD):
740 x 955 x 1’244 mm (dimensions without base)

Teca-Print Masszeichnung Tampondruckmaschine TPX 300

The TPX 300 is very popular with our customers due to its versatile application options.

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