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Now available:
MaxX printing pads – for the finest print images!

The new generation of printing pads is called MaxX! The high-quality MaxX printing pads transfer printed images with extremely sharp contours and are therefore also suitable for the finest printed images and the highest quality requirements.
Test our new silicone quality.

Further information on MaxX printing pads is available on our website and from our sales team at any time.

MaxX quality printing pads have been added to our extensive range of printing pads since autumn 2022. After thorough testing in our application technology department and with customers, we have developed the MaxX printing pad, a very high-quality printing pad,  ideal for the most demanding applications, where very fine and precise images need to be printed. It also has excellentanti static properties to help maintain print quality in a range of environments where static or heat could cause problems in production.

MaxX printing pads are available in a wide variety of shapes with wooden or aluminium shafts and are also suitable for rotary pad printing.


  • highest edge precision,
    even appropriate for the finest images
  • very good mechanical properties,
    long service life and high quality silicone
  • best antistatic properties,
    reduces paint splashes, very user-friendly
  • available in a large number of forms

Available hardness’s

MaxX printing pads are available in three different hardness’s::

  • 50 Shore 00 Si, medium hard
    optical appearance: grey
  • 62 Shore 00 Si, hard
    optical appearance: blue
  • 68 Shore 00 Si, very hard
    optical appearance: blue